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Dance Therapy Defining Dance/Movement Therapy (DMT)

Dance/movement therapy (DMT) is defined by the American Dance Therapy Association (ADTA) as the psychotherapeutic use of movement to promote emotional, social, cognitive, and physical integration of the individual, for the purpose of improving health and well-being.

The American Dance Therapy Association was founded in 1966 as an organization to support the emerging profession of dance/movement therapy and is the only U.S. organization dedicated to the profession of dance/movement therapy.

Dance has been used therapeutically for thousands of years. It has been used as a healing ritual in the influence of fertility, birth, sickness, and death since early human history. Over the period from 1840 to 1930, a new philosophy of dance developed in Europe and the United States, defined by the idea that movement could have an effect on the mover vis-a-vis that dance was not simply an expressive art.There is a general opinion that Dance/movement as active imagination was originated by Jung in 1916,developed in the 1960s by dance therapy pioneer Mary Whitehouse. Tina Keller-Jenny and other therapists started practicing the therapy in 1940.The actual establishment of dance as a therapy and as a profession occurred in the 1950s, beginning with future American Dance Therapy Association founder Marian Chace.

BENEFITS-One of the main reasons people dance is to modify their emotional state; typically, they strive to feel more joy and happiness and to reduce stress and anxiety. Since its inception dance therapy, similar to somatic psychotherapies, has emphasized the reciprocal interaction between body and mind, and the ability to regulate emotions via changes in body postures and movements.

It may also facilitate seeing a wider range of possibilities in a given situation. Some new or old movement patterns may evoke repressed material and enhance better understanding of oneself and one’s environment and history.One of the most compelling studies supporting this idea examined complex improvised movements, and identified unique sets of movement components that can elicit the feelings of happiness, sadness, fear or anger. The associations between emotions and specific motor components have been used in the past for diagnosis or emotion recognition. This study goes further and proposes specific techniques for modifying emotions. A recent systematic review of research on dance/movement therapy specifically found it to be effective in the treatment of adults with depression.

EAR CANDLING-Ear candling, or “coning,” is an alternative remedy that some people use to draw out impurities and wax from the inner ear.

Ear candles are typically about 10 inches long, hollow, and tapered. A person lights them at their widest end.

They are usually made of fabric soaked in wax or a mixture of substances, often paraffin and beeswax.

To perform ear candling, a person will lie on their side and insert a candle into the ear. Usually, a square or circle made of paper, tin foil, or plastic acts as a cover to prevent hot wax from dripping onto the face, neck, or hair.Once the candle and covering are secure, a person will light the candle for 10–20 minutes. Wax does not go into the ear during this process.

Other names for ear candling include:

ear or auricular coning

thermal- or thermo-auricular therapy

candle or coning therapy

Some of the other proposed benefits of ear candling include:

removing wax, bacteria, and other debris from the ear canal

treating sinus infections

improving hearing or reversing hearing loss

relieving sore throats

treating colds and flus

relieving headaches and migraines

improving mental clarity

purifying the blood

improving lymphatic circulation

clearing the eyes and improving vision

reducing pain related to jaw aches and temporomandibular disorders

reducing tension and stress

reducing vertigo

Ear candle makers and supporters claim that the lit candle creates enough warmth to generate suction. This suction pulls impurities and wax out of the ear canal.However, these claims do not make much sense, and there is currently no research or evidence to show that ear candles do what people claim they do.

Although many people dislike earwax, it is actually a self-cleansing, lubricating, and antibacterial substance for the ear canal. People without enough earwax often have dry, itchy ears.

Earwax naturally works its way out of the ear canal during motions such as chewing or swallowing. Once on the outside of the ear canal, earwax dries up and flakes away.

Earwax can build up in the ear canal. This most often occurs when a person has been digging their finger into their ear and pushing wax deeper into the canal. Anything a person puts in their ear, from cotton swabs to paper clips, can contribute to earwax buildup.

ELECTRO HOMEOPATHIC-Electro Homoeopathy is a system of medicine that draws all of its remedies from non-poisonous plants. It does not use sources from the mineral or animal kingdom. The remedies work with nature and help the healing force in the shape of Electro element.

The Electro-Homeopathy is a quite harmless unique, natural and scientific system of medicine invented by Count Cesar Mattie of Rochetta, Bologna, Italy in about 1865. Electro-Homeopathy System is the most natural and scientific method of treatment which enables to restore the health of the Patient quickly, gently and permanently. Electro-Homeopathy is an integral part of the Alternative System of Medicine. It is non-toxic, non alcoholic and no side effects whatsoever. The Electro-Homeopath Remedies are prepared by scientific process called Cohobation Method which was introduced by Dr.Theophrastus von Hoheneim in which the Living energies of the Plants in the form of essences are obtained from medicinal Plants. These remedies have maximum curative capacity to regulate the Lymph and Blood and also to keep them Purified. The word Electro-Homeopathy is a combination of three main words i.e. Electro, Homeo and Pathy.

BENEFITS-These remedies are all extracted from plants, having energetic properties. They produce energy in the body; its action is gentle and sometimes instantaneous, but more generally gradual of such a nature that the results can only be perceived after some minutes. They correct the deficiency or excess to natural proportions and recover the disease speedily, gently, completely and permanently. They do not simply cure the particular disease for which they are prescribed, but at the same time good to the constitution of the patients who uses them. The true remedy gives the extra something, which the body needs. They are non-poisonous and do not create drug disease or leave any bad effects on the body. It is not extremely facilitated and simplified in this way, in the most complicated illness as well, but also it is more economical of what is so important in the present period of necessity. It is especially adapted for universal use as household remedies. No mother dread her child’s life has been endangered because she has taken some of the medicines in error, nor need she ever be haunted by the fear, so often experienced by those who give bromides and other hurtful drugs that may turn out to be worse than the disease.

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